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Mobile Doctor Clinic Faces Healthcare Fraud Charges

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Chief Operating Officer of Mobile Doctors which manages Doctor house calls in several cities in 6 states has been arrested on federal health-care charges. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, agents also visited Mobile Doctors offices located in Detroit, Chicago and Indianapolis, with warrants to seize proceeds from the healthcare fraud from various bank accounts.

Mobile Doctors arranges patient home visits by physicians. The doctors hand over their rights to bill the patient to Mobile Doctors.  Mobile Doctors claims that its associated doctors have made more than half a million house calls since the company was established.

However, the Federal Bureau of Investigation believes that many of these doctors billed Medicare for patient visits that were falsely claimed as being much longer and more complicated than they actually were. This is a common type of health care fraud known as upcoding.

According to the charges against the Chief Executive Officer of Mobile Doctors, physicians associated with Mobile Doctors also participated in the fraud by falsely certifying that patients were in much worse conditions than they actually were. They claimed that the patients were confined to their homes, and as a result, home health care agencies were able to claim fees for providing additional services to patients who were confined to their home. The patients were not eligible for these additional services, because they were not in such a serious medical condition.

Healthcare fraud charges can be extremely serious, and the federal administration takes a very strong view of persons who defraud Medicare, Medicaid and other federal health care agencies, through healthcare fraud techniques like upcoding, billing for services not rendered, billing for equipment that was not purchased, off-label promotion of prescription drugs and other techniques.

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