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Sylmar Man Charged with Child Molestation

Monday, August 26, 2013

Child molestation crimes are some of the more serious crimes that a person can be charged with. A 47-year-old man from Sylmar has been charged with these serious crimes, after police found cameras, recorders and other devices at his apartment.

The man is the son of a woman, who frequently babysits for children in the neighborhood. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, he molested children in his apartment, and recorded the crimes on camera. He was arrested recently on charges of child molestation, and officers recovered the computers, cameras and other pieces of incriminating evidence from the apartment.

The man's mother runs a childcare service, and many of the victims are believed to have been children, who were placed in the care of his mother. The man lives with his mother at an apartment near downtown Los Angeles. According to the Los Angeles Department, the man's room had been equipped with cameras to record the child molestation, presumably for distribution over the Internet.

The Los Angeles Police Department triggered an investigation after it found evidence that pointed to sex crimes that involved the man. In these cases, one of the victims was 18 months old, while the other was 10 years old. However, investigators believe that there are at least four more victims who were molested in the man's apartment. The victims live in the same apartment complex as the suspect.   Police are quite certain that these are the victims, because they are seen in the video footage that they have recovered from the defendant’s laptop computer.

Sex crimes against children are some of the most abhorred crimes, and can lead to stringent penalties that include not just a hefty prison sentence, but a requirement to enroll oneself in a federal sex offender registry.

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