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Rupert Murdoch Divorce Set to Take Acrimonious Turn

Friday, December 06, 2013

It is being called the divorce of the decade, and many San Jose divorce lawyers had predicted right at the very beginning that this would not be a divorce that would be settled very amicably by both parties involved.  It appears that this prediction is likely to come true.  In a sign that Wendi Deng is gearing up for a tough fight, she recently switched divorce lawyers.

Murdoch filed for divorce in June, and the couple has two young daughters.  Now, according to reports, Deng has hired a law firm that has specific experience in representing women in high-profile divorce cases involving wealthy businessmen. 

Obviously, Murdoch's massive billion-dollar fortune is likely to be the focus of the divorce battle which explains the lawyer switch.  The lawyer who earlier represented Deng was the same one who had earlier brokered the couple’s prenuptial agreement.  It is likely that Deng now believes that her interests will be better protected if she gets an independent lawyer, who isn't connected to her soon-to-be ex-husband in any way at all.

Soon after the announcement of the divorce filing was made, it appeared that the couple had a prenuptial agreement in place, as well as two postnuptial agreements, which specifically focused on the separation of assets in the case of a divorce.  However, it is unlikely that either of these two agreements included any details about the custody of the children or child support for the daughters.  These issues are likely to be very thorny elements in the divorce.  Deng’s role in the Murdoch family trust is also likely to be another focus as the divorce moves ahead.

Prenuptial agreements are highly recommended when one of the partners in the marriage is much wealthier or has a much higher income earning potential in the near future compared to the other.  Murdoch will no doubt be depending on these early agreements to contain some of the financial damage he is expected to suffer.

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