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Help Reduce Risk of Injuries to Children in Accidents

Friday, May 24, 2013

Over the next few weeks, thousands of children will make holiday trips across the country. These trips are some of the riskiest that they will ever take because summer is peak travel season in California and around the country. That means an increased risk of accidents that injure child passengers.

The AAA is offering some advice for parents and caregivers to reduce the risk of injuries to children in an accident. The number one piece of advice that any California car accident lawyer would offer is to make sure that you appropriately restrain children in the car. Make sure that younger children are in car seats or booster seats, and older children are buckled in.

Make sure that your car seat is installed properly. A badly or improperly seat can actually increase injury risks. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children be restrained in booster seats until they reach a minimum height of 4’9. Most children between the age of eight and 12 fall in this group.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration believes that as many as three out of four car seats are improperly installed. Get a car seat technician to check your car seat installation.

Buy a car seat that is manufactured by a reputed maker. Avoid buying used car seats.

Even older children who can wear seat belts must be seated safely in the back seat. Keep children occupied in the car with games and puzzles to eliminate the risk of distractions.

Another major source of injuries to children in a car in the event of an accident are loose objects in the car. Make sure that all items are safely stowed away in the trunk. These items include toys and accessories.

Stay off Social Media during Divorce

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

If you are currently embroiled in divorce proceedings, it’s highly recommended that you stay off social media sites for the duration of the proceedings. In fact, Alabama divorce lawyers would also recommend a reduction in the amount of e-mailing and texting that you do during this period of time. That is because so many divorce cases from around the country now rely on evidence sourced from social media and social networking sites as well as a person's texts and emails.

The impact of Facebook on people's child custody and divorce cases is already well known. In fact, divorce lawyers across the country are reporting that in the past few years, they have come across an increase in the number of divorce cases involving evidence that was gained from one of the spouses’ Facebook pages.

You may not realize it at the time, but when you post something on Facebook, it can immediately be used as ammunition by the opposing party's lawyers. If you are pictured drinking, partying or otherwise having a good time, no matter how innocent, it could provide fodder that your spouse’s lawyer could use during your child custody hearing to show that you're a bad parent. Facebook in particular is a treasure trove of information that can be used in any divorce or child custody case.

In this context, emails are not that much safer either. When you send an e-mail to someone, that an e-mail can be forwarded to an unlimited number of people, and the contents of your e-mails, private as they may be, can easily be used against your interests. Often, people complain or confide about their divorce or child custody case on e-mails or text messages, and if those e-mails or texts get into the wrong hands, it could have a negative impact on your case.

Judge Denies Petition of Husband Who Tried to Annul Divorce Of the Wife's Death

Monday, May 13, 2013

An interesting case in the United Kingdom involves a man, who says that he was fraudulently made to sign divorce papers while his wife was on her deathbed. The man filed a petition to appeal the divorce two years after his wife's death, but a judge, who has denied his request, has dashed his hopes.

The man Desmond McIntosh is dyslexic, and has severe difficulty reading and writing. His wife died in 2007 at the age of 71, after suffering from lung and brain cancer. According to McIntosh, he had no idea that his wife had made him sign the divorce papers, although he spent the last two years of her life caring for her during her illness.

It was only after her death that he found out that she had filed divorce papers, and had made him sign the divorce papers in 2009. He claims that the signature on the documents was unfairly obtained by his wife, and approached the court to appeal the divorce.

The couple who married in 1990 has a home in London, in which they have lived for 16 years. The couple owned a carpentry business together, and the house was in Mrs. McIntosh's name. As a result of this divorce by proxy, it seems that Mister McIntosh has no access to his share of equity in the house, and his wife obviously cannot give reasons for why she allegedly obtained the signatures on the divorce papers. His lawyers appealed for the court to clear the way so that he could share 50% of the equity in the house.

The judge has dismissed Macintoshes petition to appeal the divorce decree, although he has not yet given his complete reasons for doing so.

Parents Need to Change Teen Attitudes about Driving under Influence of Drugs

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Far too many teenage drivers have a lackadaisical attitude about driving after smoking pot, and in fact, many teenage drivers actually believe that it makes them better drivers. A new study finds that these frightening attitudes are widespread among teens. Parents and communities need to be focusing hard on tackling the underestimated problem of teen driving under the influence of drugs.

According to research conducted by Liberty Mutual and Students against Destructive Decisions, which is a nonprofit organization aimed at educating teenagers about safe driving, most teenagers who drove after smoking pot reported that the drug either improved their driving abilities, or did not have any effect on their driving abilities at all.

That is a very dangerous attitude to have, and California car accident lawyers find it disturbing that as many as 34% of teenage motorists operating a car under the influence of marijuana believed that the pot actually made them better drivers. About 40% of the teenage drivers in the study reported that the pot had no effect on their driving abilities at all.

Compare that to attitudes about alcohol use. As many as 62% of teenage drivers reported that drinking alcohol affected their driving abilities adversely.

Obviously, many teenagers have a frivolous attitude to driving under the influence of drugs, and this is extremely dangerous. Many teens are aware that driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous and increases their risk of an accident, but do not apply the same logic to driving under the influence of pot.

The study also found that as many as 20% of teenage motorists have driven under the influence of alcohol, pot and illegal prescription drugs.

Investigations into Police Officer in Pedestrian Accident Continue May

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A police officer who was involved in a pedestrian accident 3 months ago is still out patrolling the streets. New video footage shows that the officer struck the pedestrian, with a squad car, and left the scene of the accident.

Video footage that has recently been released clearly shows the victim rolling over the squad car with the police officer still at the wheel. From transcripts of 911 calls that were made by the victim, and radio transmissions, it seems that the officer avoided answering questions by his department.

The video clearly shows the police officer getting out of the squad car, and talking to the victim for about 4 minutes. During this period of time, he radios his colleagues that to say that he has stopped, but does not mention the reason why. In other words, he does not mention that his car has struck a pedestrian who is now lying on the road.

Criminal investigations into this incident are still ongoing, and Orlando pedestrian accident lawyers would like to know the full details of this accident before coming to any conclusions.

However, the fact is that pedestrian safety is a highly neglected issue in Florida. In fact, even though the number of traffic accident deaths has been dropping over the past few years, the number of people killed in pedestrian accidents has actually been increasing. There was an overall drop of 2% in national traffic accident fatalities in 2011, compared to the previous year, but as far as pedestrian accidents were concerned, there was actually an increase of 9% in accident-related deaths.

The risk of pedestrian accidents in and around the Orlando region is only likely to increase over the next few weeks, as summer kicks in, and large numbers of locals as well as tourists join motorists on the road.

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