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Cardinal Mahony Grilled on Clergy Sex Abuse Case

Thursday, February 28, 2013

The wave of sex abuse scandals sweeping through the Catholic Church has resulted in the questioning of many prominent members of the Church. Recently, the former head of the Los Angeles Archdiocese underwent a rigorous 3 ½ hour-long questioning in a case involving a fugitive priest.

Cardinal Roger Mahony was being questioned in the case involving Mexican priest Nicolas Aguilar Rivera. According to law-enforcement, Rivera abused at least 26 children during the nine months that he was attached to a church in Los Angeles. The case against Rivera is strong. According to church files that were released recently, Rivera fled to Mexico when it became obvious that his molestation of children would result in his prosecution.

According to the files, an aide to Mahony, Thomas Curry told Rivera that many parents, who had become aware that he was abusing their children, were likely to go to the police. Curry told Rivera that he was in grave danger, resulting in Rivera fleeing to Mexico. He remains in that country.

Mahoney was therefore questioned about his role in shielding Rivera from law-enforcement action. He was also questioned about other priests who were also accused of sex abuse.

Cardinal Mahony is facing more criticism from Catholic organizations for his role in the clergy sex abuse scandal. A Catholic organization has delivered a petition that contains thousands of signatures, asking him to avoid attending the papal election enclave in Rome.

Clergy members, who are accused of the sexual abuse of children, often find that they have been convicted before they are even charged. That is the low level of tolerance that the American public seems to have for these crimes. Any clergy man who has been accused of sex crimes against a child, or is being investigated, needs to seek the advice of a San Jose criminal defense attorney immediately.

Deadbeat Dad Who Owed $1 Million in Child Support Pleads Guilty

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A 50-year-old man, and father of 3 children, who owed over $1 million in child support payments, has pleaded guilty to charges of traveling across state lines and outside the country to avoid making the payments.

Robert Sands appeared in a federal court in New York, and told the court that he had left the state of New York in order to avoid paying child support. His flight out of the country came after several warrants for his arrest were issued in 2000 as well as 2002. He spent much of 2012 in Thailand, as he evaded law enforcement. In November, he was arrested in the Philippines, and was deported to this country. He was arrested in Los Angeles.

As of now, the total amount that Sands owes in child support is more than $1.2 million. If convicted, he faces 4 years in prison. His arrest was thanks to efforts by the federal Department Of Health And Human Services, which gets involved when parents who owe child support leave the country or cross state lines. The Department of Health and Human Services actually has a “Most Wanted Deadbeat “ list, which features noncustodial parents who have failed to make child support payments.

Sands is believed to have child support payments pending at least back to 1995. In that year, a judge ordered him to make child support payments of $750 per week, and the court later increased that amount to $995 per week. His child support troubles only worsened when he married another woman and moved to Florida 2 years later. However, that marriage also ended in divorce, and he was forced to pay an additional $650 per week in child support.

If your spouse has fallen behind in child support payments, seek the help of a SanJose family lawyer to protect your rights and your family.

Music Can Impact Your Driving Skills

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Motorists, who are driving to rock music or music with a fast tempo, may be at a much higher risk of speeding up while driving, or becoming distracted at the wheel. Those who are listening to hip-hop music may be at a higher risk of driving aggressively. Those are the findings from an intriguing new study that compares differences in driving styles when motorists listen to different types of music.

The study included 8 subjects, including 4 men and 4 women. They were put in a driving simulator and made to drive 500 miles, completing half the trip without any music in the car, while the remaining part of the trip was completed listening to different types of music.

The researchers found that the motorists’ driving styles were impacted by the kind of music they listened to. Rock music seemed to be the most dangerous music to drive to, but it isn't as if classical music will calm you down and help you drive safe either. In fact, the researchers found that when a motorist is listening to classical music while driving, he is a higher risk for driving inconsistently.

Alabama personal injury lawyers do not find it surprising that heavy metal songs increased a person's risk of speeding. Motorists, who listened to hip-hop while driving, were found to accelerate faster while driving, and braked at the very last minute. These are dangerous practices that increase a person's risk of being involved in an accident.

So, what is the best music to listen to while driving? The researchers suggest any music that mimics the beat of the human heart, or between 60 and 80 beats per minute. The Norah Jones hit Come Away with Me was found to have the most positive influence on a person’s driving.

Divorce Risks Increase When Spouses Have Different Drinking Habits

Friday, February 15, 2013

According to new research, alcohol imbalance between spouses can increase the risk that they will end up talking to a San José divorce lawyer. The study finds that couples who have very different drinking habits from each other are much more likely to end up in divorce court.

The research was conducted in Norway, where the researchers found that the risk of filing for divorce increases when one person in the marriage drinks much more than the other. Compared to couples that drink lightly, couples in which one partner drank much more than the other were at a much higher risk of divorce.

In fact, according to the research, the risk of divorce increases by as much as 3 times when the husband is a light drinker, and the wife is a heavy drinker. Conversely, the researchers found that the risk of divorce was fairly low if both spouses drank the same amount. The interesting finding from the study is that heavy drinking by females is much more likely to lead to divorce. This could be partly due to the fact that heavy drinking by females is still frowned upon by society, compared to heavy drinking by men.

Besides, when a woman drinks heavily, it is much more likely to affect her family life, and her ability to raise her children than when it is the husband who is drinking heavily. Divorce, according to the researchers, is more likely when the wife is going out of control with her drinking.

According to the researchers, the results are conclusive enough for them to recommend that people, who are thinking of getting married, first determine whether their alcohol habits are in sync before they take the plunge.

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