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California Specialty Chains Stave off Bankruptcy

Monday, October 31, 2011

Two California specialty markets may manage to hold off a bankruptcy after all. The two firms, A.G. Ferrari Foods and Andronico's Markets have been purchased by a single company, Renovo Capital.

San Leandro-based A.G. Ferrari Foods had filed for bankruptcy in April. The chain, which sells specialty products from all over Italy, was purchased for $1.2 million. San Francisco-based Andronico's was purchased last week for $16 million.

According to Andronico's, it will continue to operate its stores in San Francisco, San Anselmo and Los Altos. The stores will retain the Andronico's name. However, in spite of the buyout plan, Andronico's has announced that it will be closing its Berkeley store. Andronico's, which was established in 1929, ran into trouble after ambitious expansion plans in the East Bay area went awry. The company continued to accumulate massive debt, and finally filed for bankruptcy in August.

A.G. Ferrari was founded in 1919, and has branches in Oakland, San Francisco Berkeley, Lafayette and Corte Madera. The chain has about 100 employees. At A.G. Ferrari foods, the bankruptcy filing came just a few days after the deaths of two of the original owners of the company.

For both companies, this buyout means an end to the stresses of the past few months. With a single buyer, there are chances for collaboration between both chains, with products from A.G. Ferrari Foods available on Andronico's shelves.

A buyout is one option to avoid Chapter 11, but there is more than one way to avoid a business bankruptcy. A skilled Los Angeles business bankruptcy attorney can evaluate your financial situation, and design a plan of action to meet the special challenges you face. Other alternatives can include working out a plan with the creditors that allows you to continue to operate your business without supervision by a court, and filing an assignment for benefit of creditors.

Ventura Law Firm Attorney Nominated for Award

Sunday, October 30, 2011

On November 12, the Consumer Attorneys of California will present their Consumer Attorney of the Year Award. Attorney Erik B. Feingold of Myers, Widders, Gibson, Jones and Schneider, L.L.P. (“MWGJS”) is a nominee based on his work in obtaining a 39 million dollar verdict. Mr. Feingold, a partner at MWGJS  in Ventura, practicing consumer and business law worked with Beverly Hills Attorney Michael Adler resulting in the largest personal injury verdict in Ventura County history. The case involved the severe injury of a CHP officer due to a chain of events related to negligence of securing a load in the rear of a pick-up truck.

As one of the oldest law firm in Vengtura, MWGJS has over a dozen attorneys and several practice groups legal representation is proved from five office locations across California and Nevada.

Disability Group Seeks to Protect Medicaid Rights in Face of Looming Cuts

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

People with disabilities who depend on the Medicaid program face an uncertain future with potential cuts affecting the essential services to which they have grown accustomed. As the United States Congress Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction begins the arduous task of drafting proposals to pare down the federal budget, persons with disabilities have been included in a committee to represent the disabled before the deficit reduction panel.

Six Americans with disabilities have been selected by the American Association of People with Disabilities and the United Cerebral Palsy group. The committee will represent Medicaid interests, and will present reasons before the deficit reduction panel in favor of protecting Medicaid.

The federal government's proposals to remove more than $3 trillion from the federal budget over the next decade are of great concern to California disability rights lawyers, because of the possibility that Medicaid and Medicare funding could be slashed. Medicaid programs could be cut by as much as $73 billion, while Medicaid programs could be cut by $248 billion.

Last month, hundreds of disability rights advocates marched to the Capitol to protest billions of dollars in Medicaid cuts. The march was attended by more than 90 disability rights advocacy groups, including the American Association of People with Disabilities.

People with disabilities already face challenges across the country, as many states have cut Medicaid benefits as part of their budget trimming. There are as many as 8 million disabled Americans who are dependent on Medicaid benefits to cover not just medical care expenses, but also services that help these persons remain independent. Those services could come under the axe if the deficit reduction panel decides to eliminate these services to trim the budget.

Families of Injured Veterans Struggle with Health, Emotional Issues

Sunday, October 09, 2011

The New York Times recently published a report on how caring for injured veterans has family members putting aside their lives and their own health. There has been much discussion about veterans suffering from PTSD, brain injuries and other combat-related injuries, and the long process of rehabilitation that awaits them. Little is known about the toll that caring for injured veterans takes on spouses, parents, children and other family members.

When an injured veteran returns from combat, the he is not the only one who needs counseling and attention. As the number of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan increase, many of them with serious injuries, their families are finding themselves overwhelmed and unable to cope.

In many cases, parents in retirement have dipped into their savings to care for their seriously injured veteran children. Injuries have taken a terrible toll on marriages, with spouses unable to deal with the changes in personality that so many veterans with PTSD exhibit. The spouses who remain in marriages can expect to give up their jobs, hobbies, friends and even the care of their children in order to care for their injured spouse. Many family members spend more than 40 hours a week taking care of the disabled veteran.

Some efforts have been made to make life a little easier for these caregivers. In 2010, Congress passed a law that offers caregivers of veterans financial compensation and a range of benefits. Caregivers are now eligible for a monthly stipend that ranges from between $1600-$1800.

California veterans benefit lawyers do not find it surprising that family members are under severe physical and emotional strain. Many of them are now under medications for anxiety, stress, hypertension and depression. The situation can only turn worse with more veterans returning home.

Additionally, most of the returning veterans are young adults, a situation that has not existed since the Vietnam War. Family members can expect to take care many of these young injured veterans for several years, possibly even for the rest of their lives.

Use of NSAIDs Increases Risk of Heart Attack

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Patients who use certain nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may have a much higher risk of suffering a heart attack and heart problems. The research was based on evidence from more than 50 international studies conducted on a number of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The drugs included in the study, including ibuprofen, dicolefenac and Celebrex.

One of the more dangerous nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is dicolefenac. A new study shows that this drug increases the risk of suffering a heart attack or heart problems by more than 40%. In comparison, Vioxx, the painkiller that had to be pulled off the market because of its links to heart disorders and strokes, had a risk of heart attack that was only slightly higher at 45%. According to the study, ibuprofen, one of the most common NSAIDs, had an 18% increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

Additionally, researchers looked at the impact that lower and higher doses of the drug had on an individual's health. They found that lower doses of dicolefenac increased the risk of heart attack by 32%. However, when the dosage of dicolefenac was increased, the risk of heart attack shot up to 98%. In the case of ibuprofen, taking a dosage less than the recommended dosage did not result in harmful health effects, but when the dosage was higher, the risk of suffering a heart attack increased by 78%.

The researchers are recommending that people who suffer from diabetes, hypertension or have a history of heart problems, should re-evaluate their use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. In persons with a history of hypertension or heart disease, the risk of suffering a heart attack increases substantially with the use of NSAIDs. However, for patients taking any prescribed nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Los Angeles product liability lawyers would advise against stopping these medications without consulting with a doctor first.

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