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Private Planes Wait in the Wings

Monday, November 30, 2009

For private jet owners time is literally money. The operation of a jet is a little more than a 1st class ticket on a commercial airline. A typical flight could cost $50,000 when all is said and one. Private planes allow entrepreneurs and top executives to travel freely to meet clients, close deals and keep their operations running smoothly. Many of these businessmen are being stranded without one of their key tool, their plane.

Private jet completion centers are responsible for delaying production and upgrades to some of these jets for weeks and even months. This is more than an inconvenience to an executive that needs to be in three different cities in the same day. Trips may need to be canceled, business could be lost and the company can lose tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

These are complex matters and need the attention of a skilled attorney. Patrick Bailey, of Bailey & Partners has been handling these cases for years. He is an attorney and a pilot who has represented private jet owners against many different completion centers. Details about him and his law firm can be found on his website Aviation Attorney.

Taxi Cab Accidents in Las Vegas

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Taxis always seem to be in a rush from here to there. And why shouldn't they? The faster you get to your destination the quicker you can get to doing what you actually came to do. The taxi driver can then pick up another fare and increase the amount they make during their shift. These are all of the positives that come from rushing from place to place.

On the other hand, the constant rushing around causes a lot of unsafe conditions to drivers and pedestrians alike. Reckless and distracted drivers are the cause of a lot of car accidents today. Cab drivers seem to be especially guilty of reckless driving. Between texting, communicating with their dispatch and yelling at pedestrians, there seems like no time for safety. I believe there is a certain feeling of ownership that a taxi driver has about their city streets. I mean after all, they spend more time on the road than anyone. Why shouldn't they be allowed more privileges?

The answer is obvious. If one person isn't following the rules, it puts us all in danger. I would venture to guess that most people don't buckle up on short cab rides. Maybe they are in a rush or feel that a hired driver is safer. When you consider a typical cab, that has a plastic partition, even a small taxi cab accident could turn into a major injury. Protect yourself in a taxi. Buckle up, give clear directions and don't be afraid to ask the driver to slow down.

The Blurry Line Between Family Law and Criminal Law

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
If you are someone who knows that they will be facing some sort of accusation of domestic violence or spousal abuse, or if you have already been accused and charged it is vitally important that you find a qualified lawyer immediately.

In the Los Angeles or Van Nuys area an experienced attorney can often approach the District or City Attorneys to work at having any type of fraudulent, inaccurate, or dishonest charges dealt with outside of a trial scenario. This is particularly the case when charges are brought during a messy divorce or while family court issues are pending.

Interestingly enough, many people must simultaneously work with their family lawyer at the same time they are facing some sort of domestic issue too. Often a good lawyer will be able to request an Office Hearing that completely avoids the need for any further court appearances and can save someone a great deal of time and frustration.

If you are asking yourself if people really use domestic violence charges as a sort of weapon in the family court setting the answer, sadly, is yes. This might mean that you are in trouble because you entered your home to claim some belongings and your spouse phoned the police and accused you of trespassing and harassment. It could mean that you have a temporary restraining order placed on you and that you have been accused of violating that order by a spouse as well.

Current California law no longer allows for someone claiming spousal abuse or domestic violence to turn around and drop their claims and any associated charges; that is an issue for the authorities to decide.

This can often mean that a moment of poor judgment and bad behavior can lead to the ruin of someone’s permanent record, and even a period of imprisonment or lengthy probation.

If you are facing domestic violence, DUI arrest, or drunk driving charges in the state of California you need to talk with an attorney that understands all of the issues you are dealing with.

Protecting Your Rights After an Aviation Accident

Thursday, November 05, 2009

While the old adage that accidents happen is certainly true, this does not mean that they should simply be accepted. Aviation accidents are rare, and in many cases they are caused by faulty parts or error on the part of pilots or air traffic control. If you, a friend or family member have been the victim of an aviation accident, taking the time to learn your rights is a very important step.

Contacting an aviation accident attorney is important an airplane crash. Whether you or a loved one were on a private plane or a commercial flight, contacting a lawyer will help you to ensure that your rights are protected. Any plane crash must be investigated, and by speaking to a legal professional you can ensure that if another party was deemed at fault for the accident, you will have legal recourse to file a claim for damages, expenses, and losses incurred.

Getting in touch a lawyer is not just about suing for money, it is about protecting your or your loved one’s rights. While you may well be able to recover any expenses that you incurred due to the accident, contacting an attorney also helps make sure that you are not asked to sign any papers asking you to give up your right to file suit regarding the accident. A person’s rights are very important, and many airlines and lawyers will work quickly to help prevent future legal action. After any accident, there is always a chance for injuries to develop well after the fact, and protecting your future rights is very important.

Another benefit of using a law professional after such an accident is that you will be able to stay informed about the accident. Because aviation accidents can be very terrifying, knowing what caused the accident can provide great emotional and mental relief for many crash victims. Knowing whether the pilot made an error, if the plane malfunctioned, or if there was simple weather or other conditions that caused the accident can give you closure surrounding the event.

To put it simply, talking with a lawyer after any aviation accident is imperative. You deserve to be able to preserve your rights and to recover any losses that were incurred at the hands of a faulty part or errant pilot. As with any accident, settling it yourself can be an unwise decision that can strip you of rights if you have a future problem.

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