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Accident Risks for Teens with ADHD Magnified by Texting

Friday, August 16, 2013

Recent research indicates that teenagers with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD have poor driving skills, compared to teens of the same age with no symptoms of the condition. However, those poor driving skills and higher accident risks are simply magnified when teenagers with ADHD use a cell phone to text or have a cell phone conversation while driving.

Those are the findings of new research that was released recently. Overall, California car accident attorneys would recommend that all teenagers simply avoid texting while driving or using a hand-held cell phone while driving. The research also confirmed the deadly effects of texting while driving even for normal teenagers. Normal teenagers who were texting while driving showed even worse driving skills, than teenagers who suffered from ADHD.

The researchers used a driving simulator to compare driving skills, not just among teenagers who suffered from ADHD and those who did not, but also while these teenagers were driving without any distractions and when distractions in the form of cell phones were introduced into the situation.  They found that when a teenager without ADHD was texting while driving, he spent about 2% of the time veering off his lane. That is approximately the same amount of distraction that occurs when a person who suffers from severe ADHD is driving.

Parents must use the varied amount of technology that is currently available to help prevent teenagers from using cell phones or texting while driving. Cell phone blocking technologies, or cellphone apps and easy- to- install devices that help shut the phone down when a car is in motion, can help reduce the risk of an accident involving a teenage driver. While parental communication and rules are very important, they may not always be sufficient to help encourage teenage drivers to switch off their cell phone.

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